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Everybody has their favorite cleaning tools and equipment that makes their tasks faster and more efficient. But getting stuck into the habit of only using these tools can mean that you may be missing out on some of the top and newest equipment.

Below are my top 10 favorites that you should try out and see how they change the way you clean:

1. Steam Cleaner

Without a doubt, my steam cleaner is the best tool I have in my home and I use it everyday to achieve the most simple and common tasks to deep cleaning carpets, upholstery and furniture. The high temperature means that most bacteria, dust mites and other harmful elements are effectively removed from my home without needing to use hazardous chemicals and detergents.

My steam cleaner comes with a range of attachments that are suited to different cleaning tasks no matter how big or small. I have even recently taken it outdoors to clean between the tiles and get rid of some mold that has been growing in the damp areas.

2. Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

With three children running around my house, a normal vacuum cleaner just won’t do the job. With my wet-dry vac, I don’t have to worry about only sucking up dry dirt and debris and even a spilled bowl of cereal and milk is no hassle. It’s also great for sucking up excess water from carpets so they dry faster. It is even great for clearing blockages in the drain.

3. The Dishwasher

While this is more of an appliance than a tool, I simply cannot live without my dishwasher. I simply detest doing dishes and sticking my hands in dirty dishwater. I also use it to wash and sterilize some of the kids toys.

4. Microfiber Cloths

I cannot begin to explain how microfiber cloths have simplified my cleaning of surfaces and mirrors. I don’t even bother with detergents and water and simply dry wipe the grease and grime off all my surfaces. It’s also a much better option than using abrasive cleaners or scourers on my stove top and in my oven to prevent scratches.

Using one damp cloth followed with a dry microfiber wipe is great at removing that ring around the tub and wiping down the sink. Tiles and mirrors shine like never before and take half the time to clean.

5. A Bottle Brush

When my kids were younger, I quickly learnt how many functions a bottle brush has other than cleaning baby’s bottles. Long glasses, vases and other items that have hard to reach places are a joy to clean.

Try to find a bottle brush that comes with the small teat cleaning attachment. I use this to clean inside smaller items and inside the faucet. Any small spaces that are difficult to get into and collect dirt and grime are easy to clean with this little tool.

6. Window Wiper

You have all seen those window wipers that they use at the filling station to quickly wash and dry your windscreen. I use this in my home everyday with a solution of lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and water to naturally remove all types of grease and grime.

The rubber drying attachment allows me to remove my homemade detergent effectively without leaving any streaks or a sheen on the glass surface of both windows and mirrors. If there is a streak, I simply wipe it away with a dry microfiber cloth.

7. Flathead Mop

I don’t like traditional mops to wash my floors as I feel like I’m just moving the dirt around rather than cleaning effectively. The flathead mop with a swivel head has a greater surface area and lets me get right up against the skirting boards and into corners for a really good clean.

I prefer the types that have microfiber bristles which allows me to use it wet or dry to clean up most types of messes. My broom has been sitting in the closet for a few months now as I prefer to use my flathead microfiber mop to sweep away dust and debris on my hard floor surfaces. Alternatively, I just vacuum an area before mopping.

8. Magic Erasers

Every parent has had the experience of children writing and drawing on the walls in their home. My second child really expressed her inner artist using any type of medium she could get her little hands on including crayons and the dreaded permanent marker.

Magic erasers work just as advertised. There are two parts to the sponge – a buffer and a polisher. The buffer gently roughs up the area where the mark is and the polisher simply spreads the paint in the surrounding area to cover the spot. Be aware that buffing and polishing the same area repeatedly can result in a faded area.

9. Extendable Static Duster

Dust, spider webs and dirt that collect in corners and hard to reach places are one of my pet hates. While I do try to vacuum them away, I often don’t have the necessary reach to get where I really need to. My extendable duster allows me to reach into the highest corners along the ceilings as well as beneath and behind furniture.

The static nature of the tool attracts the dust and holds it so that I am not simply creating a new mess to clean after dusting.

10. Fabric Freshener

I simply adore fabric freshening sprays that can be used on curtains, upholstery and carpets to deodorize my home. I far prefer these to aerosol air fresheners that can be hazardous to my health. As an asthma sufferer, I immediately feel the effects of deodorizers but barely react to the fabric fresheners that I use.

I also prefer to burn scented candles or essential oils in my home to give it a great clean smell. What is a clean home worth if you can’t enjoy the clean smell that should go along with it.