Match-Safety Tips for Parents and Kid

Americans use more than 500 billion matches each year to light anything from birthday candle lights to campfires. Enjoying their parents light candles, gas ranges or barbecues, children

frequently ended up being captivated with the appeal of dancing flames and sparks.

Due to the fact that kids have a natural interest about fire, they may try out it when grownups are not around to supervise. That’s why it is important to teach children at an early age about match security and the danger of fire, as well as the difference in between a regulated flame and one that is unsafe.

Birthday celebrations and other household events offer opportunities for moms and dads to demonstrate match and fire safety. Diamond, the No. 1 manufacturer of wood matches in the United States, provides the following safety tips.

* Always keep matches in a secured drawer or locked cabinet away from curious kids.

* Encourage kids to tell an adult when they have actually found matches in a place that is easily accessible to them.

* When lighting candle lights on a birthday cake, use the occasion to talk about match safety with children and show correct security practices. Use Diamond’s Birthday Candle Matches, which are two times as long as conventional wooden matches, to easily light candles and keep your fingertips away from the flame’s reach.

* Once a match is used, discard it appropriately. If you blow out a match and toss it in the garbage, there is a danger that it may not be completely snuffed out. To decrease this threat, use the Diamond MatchGuard, a brand-new matchbox design with a push-to-open match drawer and security disposal chamber for snuffed out matches.

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