EricaBellHello! My nameis Erica Bell, and I am a founder and the author of have of hope for kids. Since I was a little girl, I knew that when I’ll grow up, I will be helping others in one way or another.

For a while I wanted to become a doctor, but as I was growing my interests switched a little, and I became more interested in the social side of helping people. Understanding the ways in our society works, to understand it’s fundamentals. I realized that it’s the only way to fix it.

The future of our planet is our kids. And there are some many of the little ones who are forgotten by their parents. I was fortunate in the way, – my parents gave me most of their time, loving me, explaining me things, teaching me etc. I grew up surrounded by love and loving people. I want everyone to feel it. And if your biological parents can not provide that, – that’s where have of hope for kids step in.

We write this blog for many purposes, – one of which is how to create clean and safe environment at home for kids to grow up into. That’s the basics, – but the basics are where we’re supposed to start if you asked me.