Kids Love Babysitting Games


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Children hate it when their parents leave them at home with the babysitter. Depending on their age, they might feel insecure without their mom at arms reach or they are upset that they are leaving left behind. As the babysitter, your job is to distract them from the fact that their parents are not home and establish that you are currently in charge. They will have a fantastic time, however, if you have some fun babysitting games planned. If you manage to entertain them for the few hours that the parents are out, they might even forget they were ever upset. You have suddenly became their (and the parents’) most favorite person!


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Before you bring over messy paints or different types of sports games, you need to talk with the parents to understand their house rules. They might have a no running in the house decree or, if they have an unfenced pool in the backyard, they might not allow any outdoor games while they are gone. As long as you tell them the activities and games you have planned and they sign off on them, you should be good to go!

Teaching Kids To Be Hopeful Even If You Are In a Hopeless State


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Our state of mind is determined by our circumstances. Feeling happy or sad is based on our circumstances. Even if our future looks bleak, we have to remain hopeful.

As parents we are the world and hope for our children. If they see us in a state of despair, our children will have to lead a life in obscurity and reviving back their confidence will become a Herculean task.

Sometimes destiny may push us to the brink that we may be at the verge of throwing in the towel. This is when we have to restore our fortitude. Hope is an unconditional belief that helps us to move on with optimism.

Most often our frustrations leave a silence in our souls. It is the hope that uplifts us into the dream world of future. Read on to know how…

Leaving behind the crippled peasant husband, the doting mother brought her seven year old into one of the progressive country, to give the niftiest education possible.

sta.nino 089She toiled in a sweat shop to make ends meet. Using scrap materials she kept her nose to the grindstone and made rag dolls during her remaining waking hours and sold them door to door. While most rebuffed, some others were genuinely generous enough to buy the rag dolls. With the meagre amount she had to support herself, the little girl and her crippled husband.

It was their sixth year of scrimp existence, the little girl had grown up and looked like a stunning doll. The mother and daughter grew close over the years and the perpetual motivation from the mother kept the little girl going. Never did she quetch about the impoverished conditions of life. Although she excelled in school, she was aloof and her mother was her world.

Use Correction of Kids to Challenge Their Hearts


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wb24When people need to change their ways, God uses the term “repentance” to describe the process. Using words like repentance and sin too often in correction with kids may create an unbalanced view of God and his positive plan for life. Whether you use the term repentance or not, however, it’s good to understand what God has to say about it.

The word “repent” simply means to change one’s mind and in its various forms is used 75 times in the Bible. From these verses we learn that there are six different parts to repentance and they all have practical implications for parenting.

The first step in repentance, for example, is to settle down, stop fighting, and be willing to work on the problem. Jeremiah 8:6 says that an unrepentant person is like a horse charging into battle. You can visualize the nostrils flared and the steam coming out of the horse’s mouth. That picture could easily resemble some children when they’re corrected. The solution is that they need to settle down.